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Quickscreen Banner Stands

Quickscreen banner stands are lightweight, high-impact, retractable and easy-to-setup at your trade show booth. The banner pulls out from inside the base and attaches to the top of the supporting pole. It is easy to assemble in as little as 30 seconds! The Quickscreen can also be used as a tabletop display by making it either one or two sections high. Additionally, you can put two or three banner stands side-by-side and create an impressive 'wall' display.
Quickscreen Banner Stand Brochure

Quickscreen banner stands for tradeshows

Quickscreen 1, 2 & 3 with Kaleidoscope Graphics

Quickscreen 1

Quickscreen 2

Quickscreen 3


QS-1 - Single-sided. Base available in silver or black.
QS-2 - Double-sided. Base available in silver or black.
QS-3 - Single-sided with interchangeable graphic cartridge. Silver base.


Kaleidoscope is our Dye Sublimation product line. This process permanently dyes the fabric so it cannot be scratched or damaged. Fabric can be washed and ironed without affecting the image.

Classic - Our original dye sublimation process offering brilliant color and crisp detail.
Select - NEW! Offers the richest, most vibrant colors and enhanced detail.

Traditional vinyl-lamination is still available with your choice of Lambda or Inkjet graphic.


Light w/ padded bag $192

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- Assembled Size: 33.5" x 82.5"
- Additional sizes available
- Quickscreen prices include hardware, graphic(s) and nylon bag
- Free installation with replacement graphics